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  Visitor: Ferdinand Dagenais
Reference: yahoo
   Origin: Berkeley, Calif.
 URL Info: 
Date: November 24, 1996

Comments: Beginning genealogy search for my Dagenais line - I am 12th generation from Pierre Dagenais (1631-89) who migrated to Montreal in 1655. I have lost of experience with genealogical searches via books, etc., but have yet to find my bearing via the resources of the internet genealogical community.

  Visitor: Jenny Rasmusson
 URL Info: 
Date: November 24, 1996

Comments: Working on Blatchley genealogy. Help from any descendants is welcome!

  Visitor: Kay Hinnrichsen
Reference: Bill Westcott's page
   Origin: Western Australia
  WebSite: Kay's Genealogy Page
 URL Info: gene stuff
Date: November 22, 1996

Comments: Thanks for visiting my home page, I hope you will come back often to visit! I am researching the following names: Bosanko, Eustice, Wilson, Jolly, Hinrichsen, Musicka, Tonkin, Jones, Nankivell, Hurst, Faram and Smith mostly in the UK and Australia. Rogers is from Massechusetts and New Zealand.

  Visitor: Lyle R. Riedinger
   Origin: Humboldt, Iowa
  WebSite: Lyle R. Riedinger's Home Page
 URL Info: Family and background
Date: November 22, 1996

Comments: I enjoyed looking at your pages. Keep up the good work. Sorry that you are not related to us. I could use your talent on what I am trying to do with the Goodenow Family Discussion Mail List. See around. Thanks. Lyle -30-

  Visitor: Rosemarie A. Denis
Reference: guestbook
   Origin: Buffalo, NY, stuck in Japan
  WebSite: Rosemarie's Home Page
 URL Info: Genealogy, Crafts, Graphics
Date: November 22, 1996

Comments: I enjoyed your site. You have many useful links and will be back often. I am researching Anevry, Ballard, Etherton, LaPort

  Visitor: Melaney Moore-Dodson
Reference: New England genealogy
   Origin: Texas
  WebSite: don't have one yet, under construction
 URL Info: 
Date: November 22, 1996

Comments: Your site is great! I am getting good ideas for mine from surfing. I am researching Lathrop/Lothrop, Wells, Scudder, Benham, King, Hall, Hale, Hutchinson If anyone connects, drop me a line, I love to share.

  Visitor: Leona
Reference: your address from my guestbook
   Origin: Southwestern Washington state
  WebSite: My Home on a Hill
 URL Info: My family past & present, and my hobbies
Date: November 21, 1996

Comments: You have a great page. Some names I am researching are Chamberlain,McDowell,Nolan,Elliott,Collins,Johnson,Rowland & Welsh.Please come back and visit again.

  Visitor: Phalene
Reference: You signed my guestbook
   Origin: Anchorage, Alaska
  WebSite: Phalene's French-Canadian Genealogy
 URL Info: French-Canadian Genealogy
Date: November 21, 1996

Comments: Thank you for stopping by and signing my guestbook. The names I am currently researching include: LEBEAU, SICARD, and LAFONTAINE-in Quebec; and LACHANCE-in New York.

  Visitor: Marge & Terry Davis
Reference: You signed our guestbook
  WebSite: Davis Home Page
 URL Info: Genealogy & Misc Links
  Contact: tmdavis@geocities
Date: November 21, 1996

Comments: Thanks for looking at our page! Here are the surnames we're researching: RAMSEY, KIRKPATRICK, DUNN, DAVIS, BABCOCK, HUMPHREY, GRABOW, MITCHELL, CROSBY, DARLINGTON, GRIGSBY and many more...

  Visitor: joann
Reference: another guestbook
   Origin: Connecticut
  WebSite: this and that
 URL Info: neat spots on the web
Date: November 20, 1996

Comments: This is a neat page. I like your neat layout. Sorry, no relation. Checked your ancestor list. Enjoyed my visit!

  Visitor: J.M. (Jay) Ingalls
Reference: Old Bookmark before I got a real browser
   Origin: Orlando FL
 URL Info: None
Date: November 20, 1996

Comments: I appreciate all the effort of everyone who has created a genealogy web page or provides a genealogy news letter. Always looking for Ingalls info, especially Jefferson County NY. Also Petrie, Johnson in TN/VA/NC, Schopf everywhere, Hill in MI and NY, Heimbach (many spellings), Crain, Harvey in MI and back to England, and many more. Thanks for the Guest Page. No web site.

  Visitor: Barb Horak
Reference: my guestbook 
   Origin: eastern Iowa
  WebSite: The Girvan Family
 URL Info: Scots/Irish/Swede/Czech surnames/links
Date: November 19, 1996

Comments: Great page! Lots of valuable links here too. Check out my homepage for my surnames! Someday, someone is gonna match up with me (or so I keep hoping!)

  Visitor: Bill Crant
Reference: Pergatory Guest Book
   Origin: Elmsdale, NS
  WebSite: Ramea NFLD on the WWW
 URL Info: genealoy, history,  pics, etc....
Date: November 17, 1996

Hi, Folks:

Just dropped in to say hi.

Drop by and see us, and sign our guest book.

Great Page

  Visitor: Robert Thomas
Reference: Through IGA_Net Home Page
   Origin: Anniston, AL
  WebSite: In process of building
 URL Info: 
Date: November 14, 1996

Comments: No comment at this time..

  Visitor: Shirley Larson
Reference: your url listed in the maiser DYER info.
   Origin: Rancho Cucamonga CA
 URL Info: 
Date: November 12, 1996

Comments: At some point, we will be able to research our ancestery via computer, but the greatest source for those searching for their past is the fellow researachers they meet on the way.

  Visitor: Dick Marston
Reference: Your E-mail message
   Origin: Glendale, CA (USA)
  WebSite: Marston Manor
 URL Info: Ancestral roots in Hampton, NH area
Date: November 08, 1996

Comments: Hi, David!
Great web page! Enjoyed it very much. You've put a lot of work into it. I wish someone had told me about Pergatory's Guestbook before. I only switched 3 days ago. BIG improvement! Since your last signature was lost by LPage, I hope you'll return and sign my new book. Thanks!
Dick Marston, Glendale, CA (USA)

  Visitor: Bill Wescott
Reference: From your guest book entry in my book
   Origin: Conecticut
  WebSite: Bill's Home Page
 URL Info: Genealogy and More
Date: November 04, 1996

Comments: I am just checking out your home page looking for common surnames. I am looking for more information on Wescott, Walker, Egeness(Anderson), Webb, Libby, Hale, Cockbain, Burke, Hilback(Hylbak). Please check out my home page for a complete list of surnames, the list is fairly large and to put it here would take up to much space.

  Visitor: Lynn D. Mancuso
Reference: from 3955
   Origin: Louisiana
  WebSite: none
 URL Info: none
Date: November 03, 1996

Comments: GREAT PAGE! I am tracing the following surnames: Fals/Mass families from Germany to Louisiana. Fleming/Murray families from County Cork, Ireland to Louisiana. Frenna/Picone families from Ustica, Italy to Louisiana. Mancuso/Tumminello families from Palermo, Italy to Louisiana and SULLIVAN, Catherine. I'd appreciate hearing from anyone tracing the same surnames. and again thanks for your most useful page!

  Visitor: Bruce Hazard
Reference: NEHGS link
   Origin: Glens Falls, New York
  WebSite: None
 URL Info: 
Date: November 02, 1996

Comments: Thanks for sharing your family history - unfortunately we do not have any common ancesters, so far...

  Visitor: Waddie "Bos'n Mate" Salmon
Reference: Genealogys Most Wanted
   Origin: Lynchburg, Virginia
Date: November 01, 1996

Comments: Great looking page for sure with good links and information. I'll be back to check on how you update. Keep up the great work!

  Visitor: Josephine Small Donahue
Reference: IGA Net  link
   Origin: Scituate, Ma.
 URL Info: 
Date: October 29, 1996

Comments: You and my husband appear to be very distant cousins - through John Turner,Sr. and Mary Brewster. My husband's line comes down through their son Ezekiel who moved to Connecticut.

  Visitor: Jewelle Baker
Reference: link from your email to group
   Origin: garden spot of the world, North Carolina
  WebSite: pending
 URL Info: n/a
Date: October 29, 1996

Comments: I really like your style..... and thoughts... sorry we don't share and ancestors... you'd make an interesting cousin!! Good research results to you... and happy / healthy life!

  Visitor: L. Perkins
Reference: you e-mailed me about wrong URL 
   Origin: Texas
  WebSite: Ancestors of Jeffry Carson PERKINS
 URL Info: genealogy
Date: October 26, 1996

Comments: There are never enough hours in the day to search all I find on the 'net. It gets more and more fascinating. Thanks for helping in genealogy searching.

  Visitor: George Rose
Reference: Pregatory URL
   Origin: Halifax, NS, Canada
  WebSite: George Rose and his genealogy
 URL Info: Searches for surnames in Atlantic Canada
Date: October 21, 1996

Comments: Searching fo Rose, Langlois, Doyle, Boudreau and many others.

  Visitor: William D. Bradley
Reference: From the entry Combe St Nicholas
   Origin: Texas
 URL Info: 
Date: October 19, 1996

Comments: Searching for ancestors of Cpt William Torrey in England before 1640,

  Visitor: Kari Grabowski
Reference: sister
   Origin: Scott AFB IL
 URL Info: 
Date: October 17, 1996

Comments: This page has come in very handy in my research on my family tree

  Visitor: Martha S. Magill
Reference: a little bird told me
   Origin: New York City
  WebSite: Herkimer/Montgomery Counties GenWeb Page
 URL Info: genealogy clearinghouse for 2 counties
Date: October 15, 1996

Comments: This is getting to be a graphically stunning page. Your links are really impressive and the chart for figuring ancestral relationships is an excellent research tool.

  Visitor: Ken Taylor
Reference: An e-mail message you posted 
   Origin: Bend, OR
 URL Info: 
Date: October 13, 1996

Comments: No comment at this time..

  Visitor: David and Betty Minor
Reference: Guest Book entry
   Origin: Sierra Vista, AZ
  WebSite: dmine's Home Page
 URL Info: Family Tree(s)
Date: October 12, 1996

Comments: Saw your entry in my guestbook. Thanks for signing it. Decided to return the favor and see what you've got here. Don't see any cross ties to our family. But, who knows?? Might find some as our lines become more apparent to us. Good page with some really useful cross-links. I'll be back often.

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