David's Genealogy Taglines

Here is the best of my genealogy tagline collection that I have collected over the years:

"...t-t-t-t-talking 'bout my g-g-g-g-generation...."
"Ancestors required" - please supply photo and references
"Crazy" is a relative term in MY family
"Life, liberty and the right to know who your ancestors are."
"Looking for roots in all the wrong places..."
"SSHHHH! Be vewy, vewy quiet. I'm hunting forebears!"
50% of my ancestors were female.
50% of my ancestors were women...
50% of my forefathers were female.
A Complete Genealogy just can't be..there's always more.
A cousin a day keeps boredom away.
A family history shows you have lived!
A family reunion is an effective form of birth control.
A family tree can wither if nobody maintains its roots!
A family tree can wither if nobody tends it's roots.
A family tree has many branches; not all have the same last name...
A good name is more desireable than great riches...
A great many family trees were started by grafting.
A great oak is only a little nut that held it's ground.
A job is nice, but it interferes with genealogy research.
A leaf, twigs, limbs, branches, trunk & root = TREE
A little a'disk & a little a'data.
A lot of history isn't fit to repeat itself.
A miser is hard to live with, but makes a fine ancestor.
A miser is hard to live with, but makes an excellent ancestor.
A new cousin a day keeps the boredom away.
Adam and Eve probably found genealogy a bit boring.
Add to your Genealogy the fun, easy way. Have Grand Children!
After 30 days unclaimed ancestors will be adopted.
Ain't Family Fun.
All right! Everybody out of the genetic pool!
All your lines have daughtered out, with one exception!
Alright! Everybody out of the genetic pool!
Always searching for leads...
Always willing to share my ignorance...
Am I in the right family tree?
Am I the only person up my tree? Seems like it.
An affliction of the blood.
An ancestor is a person who plays HIDE and you go SEEK.
An eternity existed before your birth and waits for you today.
Ancestor files - a meeting place of cousins!
Ancestor not found ...how do I prove I exist?
Ancestors are just people.
Ancestors left unclaimed after 30 days will NOT be discarded.
Ancestors not found. Do I really exist?
Ancestors run in my family.
Ancestors were just people...
Ancestors: They can hide, but they can't RUN anymore!
And Adam said, Eve, don't I have any clean fig leaves?
Ankle deep in the gene pool.
Any ancestors you can dig up would be appreciated.
Any family tree produces some lemons, nuts and bad apples.
Any Genealogists in the house ? <> Any more ?
Anybody else out there got a batchelor GGG'Pa with 11 kids?
Archaeologists do it for centuries.
Archaeologists will date any old thing.
At last a chance to make my skeletons dance!
Babies are a nice way to start people.
Baby = A new acorn on the family tree.
Battle Cry - Take all of the ancestors, leave only the records!
Be vewy quiet, I'm hunting forebears.
Be vewy, vewy quiet. I'm hunting forebears.
Before you brag about your family tree, better do some pruning!
Beware of the Genealogy Bug; It's bite can be addictive!
Biochemists wear designer genes.
Blessed are the Elderly for they remember what we never knew.
Boldly start in reverse, 'cause that's the genealogy way.
Boy, I wish my crystal ball ran in reverse!!
Brother's Keeper ... the ultimate program
But most of all, I just want relatives I can find!!!
But Mr. Moderator, I was chasing Ancestors!
C A U T I O N ! You have now entered the Genealogy Zone.
Can a first cousin, once removed, return?
Can't find your ancestor? Maybe he flunked his blood test!
Cemetery: (n) A marble orchard not to be taken for granite.
Chance makes our parents, but choice makes our friends.
Chasing your own tale.
Climbing my family tree is fun...
Climbing my family tree is fun...even gathering a nut two
Climbing my family tree was fun until the nuts appeared.
Columbus had a fourth ship - it sailed over the edge.
Computer Genealogy: working out where your computer came from.
Cousins marrying cousins makes for VERY tangled roots!
Cousins marrying cousins: A non-branching family tree
Cousins marrying cousins: VERY tangled roots!
Cussed Cousins!!
Cussin - what genealogists do when they can't find one.
Dammit, Jim! I'm a doctor, not a genealogist.
Damn! My family tree was just wood-chipped.
Dead people like to hang aroung cemeteries.
Death is just nature's way of dropping carrier
Diarrhea is hereditary. It runs in your genes.
Did my ancestors inbreed? My genes seem tight!
Did our ancestors ever have a bad heir day ?
Do I even WANT ancestors? Some I found I wish I could lose.
Do I hear the rattle of chains?
Do I need a Genealogical Search Warrant to see the records?
Do our ancestors have bad heir days?
Do you know where your great-grandparents were?
Documentation....The hardest part of genealogy.
Doing gardening in the Family tree.
Don't bother me now, I'm digging up my 'ROOTS'!
Don't judge me by my relatives, I didn't choose them!
Don't sit under the family tree with anyone else but me!
Eat... Sleep... Trace my roots.
Enough research will tend to support your theory.
Ever find an ancestor HANGING from the family tree?
Every family tree has some sap in it.
Every time I find an ancestor I need to find two more!
Every time I think I know where they are, they move!
Everyone has a photographic memory. Some don't have film.
Evolution is God's way of issuing updates
Excuse me, while I dance a little jig of despair.
FAMILY HISTORY: a quiltwork of lives
Family Tree? More like a noxious weed.
Family Tree? Ours is a shrub!
Family treeclimber.
Family trees are great for hanging out your genes.
Family Trees are ideal to hang your genes on!
FAM_TREE.LST not found. Create new genealogist? (Y/n)
Fastest way to trace family tree: run for public office.
Find your ancestors, before they find you!
FLOOR: (n) The place for storing your priceless genealogy records.
For a reply, send a self-abused, stomped elephant to...
Friends come and go, but relatives tend to accumulate.
Friends may come and go, but relatives never leave.
G*d! What a mess this family's in.
Gene Police: "Hey YOU! Out of the pool."
Gene-Allergy - It's a contagious disease, but I love it!
Genealilocks and the forebears.
Genealogica Bonsai - Little Family Trees!
Genealogist caught chopping down family tree! Microfilm at 11:00.
Genealogist's read backwards...
Genealogist: tracing decsent from someone who didn't.
Genealogists are ghost-a-holics.
Genealogists are like monkeys, always in the trees.
Genealogists are time unravelers.
Genealogists collect dead relatives.
Genealogists do it generation after generation.
Genealogists do it in the archives.
Genealogists do it in the library.
Genealogists do it in the trees!
Genealogists do it with a computer.
Genealogists don't die, they just lose their census.
Genealogists live in the past lane.
Genealogists never die they just haunt cemeteries.
Genealogists never die, they just loose their census
Genealogists never quit, they just go to another branch!
Genealogists should also consider the handsome neighbor...
Genealogists: People helping people.....that's what it's all about!
Genealogy - a search for the greatest treasures, our ancestors.
Genealogy - Better than the best adventure game and as frustrating.
Genealogy - it's only an obsession after all!
Genealogy - The only hobby where dead people can excite you.
Genealogy - where you confuse the dead and irritate the living.
Genealogy - Will I ever find time to mow the lawn again?
Genealogy can't be cured with Penicillin or other antibiotics.
Genealogy goes on... and on... and on...
Genealogy in the buff, no I mean A genealogy Buff!
Genealogy is contagious - not always fatal!
Genealogy is contagious - seldom fatal!
Genealogy is great when you score!
Genealogy is like Hide & Seek: They Hide & I Seek!
GENEALOGY is my hobby. I collect ancestors & descendants.
Genealogy is not a hobby, it's a disease!
Genealogy is relatively interesting.
Genealogy is T-R-E-E-rific!
Genealogy made me what I am today.
Genealogy without documentation is _mythology_.
Genealogy...hoping I'm related to Merle Haggard!
Genealogy...it's not a hobby, it's an obsession.
Genealogy...where you confuse the dead and irritate the living.
GENEALOGY: Chasing your own tale!
Genealogy: Making cucumbers out of pickles.
Genealogy: Tracing yourself back to better people.
Genealogy: A hay stack full of needles.
Genealogy: A hay stack full of needles. It's the threads I need.
Genealogy: Chasing your own tale.
Genealogy: It's all relative in the end anyway.
Genealogy: It's not a hobby, it's an obsession.
Genealogy: Looking for bones in the closet.
Genealogy: Making cucumbers out of pickles.
Genealogy: People collecting people!
Genealogy: People needing people, dead or alive!
Genealogy: Search long enough and EVERYONE connects somehow.
Genealogy: The marriage of a jigsaw puzzle to a dungeon & dragons game.
Genealogy: Tracing descent from someone who didn't.
Genealogy: tracing us back to the same brother & sister.
Genealogy: Tracing yourself back to better people.
Genealogy: Where you confuse the dead and irritate the living.
Genes, the splice of life!
Genetic Engineering: Heir styling!
Genetic experiment gone bad?
Genetics: Why you look like your father, or should.
Genie diet - Fiche and ships and tantalising sources.
Geraldo Rivera: Genetic experiment gone bad?
Ghosts are merely unsubstantiated roomers
Give me your tired, your poor ... they're genealogists!
Go climb your family tree.
God gave us relatives, luckily we can choose our friends!
God! What a mess this family's in.
Goldilocks had three bears. Genealogists have forebears.
Gone Relative Fishing...
Good friends will fill our days with happy memories!
Got to find them before I join them.
Grandpa, Tell me about the Good Old Days!
Grandpa,Tell me about the Good Old Days!
Grandpop.com not found. Loading Cousin.com instead.
Great, great, grandpa, Where are you? Who are you?
Happiness is a genealogist who just found their lost ancestor!
Happy hunting for your ancestral name changes!
Happy Hunting, Cleaning & Restoring
Has anyone seen my roots?
Have roots, will grow...
Have tree, will climb - just as all my ancestors did.
Have you hugged a Genealogist today?
He ain't heavy--He's my brother's aunt's sister's husband.
He pondered deep and darkly over worm eaten texts.
He was the Dutch Elm Disease of his family tree.
Help! I'm lost somewhere in the Generation Gap.
Heredity is great until your children act like fools!
Heredity: Everyone believes in it until their children act like fools!
Hey! You got Chocolate on my pedigree chart!
Hey! You got peanut butter on my pedigree chart!
Hi Ho! Hi Ho! Now where did my ancestors go?
Hi Ho, Hi Ho - it's off to research I go. . .
History is a set of lies agreed upon.
History is only gossip- Oscar Wilde
History repeats itself because nobody listens.
History repeats itself because nobody reads.
Hold on, my cat's caught in the printer...
How can one ancestor cause so much TROUBLE ??
Hug a Genealogist.
Hunting FOREBEARS...
Hunting season is all year long in genealogy.
I always check the "Native American" box; I was born in Maine!
I am NOT illiterate! My parents WERE SO MARRIED!!
I bet you thought I was going to use a Genealogy tagline!
I can almost swear a dog hiked his leg on my family tree.
I can trace my taglines back 8 generations.
I checked out my family tree. Just as I thought... poison ivy!
I collect dead relatives and sometimes a live cousin!
I do it in the archives.
I finally got it all together. Now where did I put it?
I looked for my ancestors,....and I found friends.
I looked into my family tree and found out I was a sap.
I looked up my family tree, two dogs were using it!-Rodney Dangerfield
I looked up my family tree...there were two dogs using it
I never steal taglines - I'm a genealogist - I just adopt them.
I only work on Genealogy on days that end in "Y".
I reach out to touch all branches in my lineages.
I researched my family tree... apparently I don't exist!
I search and search some more, then I find and search some more...
I shook my family tree and a bunch of nuts fell out.
I shook my family tree and out came a forest of friends.
I shook my family tree, a bunch of nuts fell out.
I should have asked them BEFORE they died!
I think my ancestors had several "bad heir" days.
I think my family tree is a few branches short.
I think that I shall never see a completed Genealogy!
I think that I shall never see; A mess such as my family tree.
I think the family tree needs pruning.
I trace family history so I will know who to blame.
I traced my roots back to a cesspool. - Rodney Dangerfield
I used to have a life, then I started doing genealogy.
I want to find ALL of them!
I want to find ALL of them! So far I only have a few thousand.
I wish Noah had swatted those two flies!!
I wonder if a "Missing Persons Bulletin" would locate my g-g-grandpa?
I'd love to, but I'm converting my calendar from Julian to Gregorian.
I'd rather be tracing my roots.
I'd rather look for dead people than have 'em look for me.
I'm a genealogist with faded "genes", full of holes!
I'm always late. My ancestors arrived on the Juneflower.
I'm lost in a forest of Family Trees!!!
I'm lost in my family tree!
I'm no genealogist. ... Until this year I spelled it "geneOlogist!"
I'm not sick. I've just got fading genes.
I'm not stuck, I'm ancestrally challenged.
I'm searching for myself; Have you seen me?
I'm stuck in my family tree and I can't get down!
If a family tree falls in the woods will anyone hear it?
If my crystal ball just ran in reverse!!
If only ancestors had pull-down menus and on line help!
If only people came with pull-down menus and on-line help...
If the family skeleton must remain, make it dance.
If your family tree does not branch, you might be a redneck!
In my family tree, all my old roots are underground.
In pursuit of elusive ancestors.
Insanity is hereditary... You get it from your kids.
Insanity runs in my family; it practically gallops.
Is there life after Genealogy?
Is your family tree evergreen or deciduous?
Isn't genealogy fun? The answer to one problem, leads to two more!
It is hereditary in my family not to have children
It's 1997. Do you know where your great-grandparents were?
It's a family affair.
It's a poor family that hath neither a whore or a thief.
It's hard to be humble with ancestors like mine!
It's hard to believe that someday I'll be an ancestor.
It's search and search some more, then I find and search some more.
JEANEALOGY: The study of Levi's.
JEANEALOGY: Study of Levi's, Wranglers, and other denims
Jeanealogy: the study of LEVIS and WRANGLERS.
Just follow my roots. I'll turnip somewhere!
Just when you think you've found them all, Up pops another!
Keep on a digging, the best bones are buried deepest!
Kin: An affliction of the blood.
Kinship: it's all relative!
Kissin cousins
Know your roots: potatoes, carrots, and sassafras...
Know your roots: potatoes, carrots, turnips...
Life is lived forwards, but understood backwards.
Life, liberty and the right to know who your ancestors are.
Like my ancestors..I'm either dead or lost!
Locate lost relatives--Win the lottery
Looked for my ancestors - found friends.
Looking for ancestors and M&Ms!
Looking for ancestors.
Looking for M&Ms and ancestors!
Looking for needles in haystacks.
Many a family tree needs trimming.
May all your family trees branch toward the stars!
May my search reveal all
May our search reveal all
May the Saint of Genealogists bless you!
May you ask the right question of the right person at the right time.
May your family tree grow happy branches.
Misers are hard to live with but they make great ancestors.
Money is the root of all evil, and we need roots!
Most of my family roots are underground.
My ancestors are Copyrighted. You have my permission to use the data.
My ancestors are hiding in a witness protection program.
My Ancestors could whip your Ancestors.
My ancestors did WHAT?!?
My ancestors must be hiding in a witness protection program.
My ancestors must be in a witness protection program!
My Cup Runneth Over.....all because I'm old and shaky!
My family came on the Mayflower...or was it Allied?
My family coat-of-arms ties in the back. Is that normal?
My family tree died in the last drought.
My family tree got cut up for firewood.
My Family Tree has Root Rot!!
My family tree is a few branches short! Help appreciated.
My family tree is a few branches short! Help appreciated
My family tree is full of NOT holes... it's NOT him, it's NOT her!!!
My family tree is full of nuts.
My family tree is in the forest, somewhere!
My family tree is lost in the forest
My family tree is lost in the forest.
My family tree is lost somewhere in the forest.
My family tree must have been used for firewood.
My family tree's roots went underground.
My genes are so tight, they may stay with me forever
My hobby is genealogy, and I raise dust bunnies as pets.
My husband thinks I should get a job - but who would do the genealogy?
My kids will appreciate the research I've done........when pigs fly...
My kissing cousins are also my missing cousins
My life has become one large Gedcom!!
My modem almost drowned in a Fido/IGA bit stream.
My problems are all relative.
My problems are all relative. Just too many of them.
My roots only go down so far, but my branches spread forever!
My wife thinks I should get a job - but who would do the genealogy?
Never argue with a skunk, mule, woman, or genealogist.
Never ever give up.
Never forget the "quest" in questions!
New friends are fun to find...so are old ancestors...
No - yes - maybe - could be - perhaps. Musings of a genealogist.
Nosy bugger, ain't I?
Not crazy, just almost lost my census!
Not tonight dear, I just got the new version of BK!
Not tonight dear, I just got the new version of FO!
Not tonight dear, I just got the new version of PAF!
Nothing ventured, nothing gained, no one found!
Now I'm here, and history is vindicated. - Calvin
Oh where, oh where, have my ancestors gone?
OK, so I don't descend from anyone....now what??
Okay, so I don't descend from anyone... now what?
Old genealogists never die, they just haunt cemeteries
Old genealogists never die, they just lose their census.
Old Genealogists never die. They just get root rot.
Old Genealogists never die. They just haunt Archives.
Olly,olly,oxen free! All hiding ancestors can come out!
Once a hobby, now an expensive addiction.
One big happy family
Only a Genealogist regards a step backwards as progress.
Only God Can Prune A Family Tree.
Originality is the art of concealing your sources
Out on a limb, on the Family Tree!
PAF the Magic Wagon -- a carriage to the past.
Pardon me but I am chasing Ancestors!
Problem with the gene pool: No lifeguard.
Pruning family trees is NOT allowed.
Pruning the Family Tree is NOT permitted!
Raise nae mair deils than ye're able to lay.- Old Scot Sayin
Read the local ghost stories, maybe you'll find family.
Reading about relatives is relative reading.
RELATIVES: People who come to dinner who aren't friends.
Remember, undocumented genealogy is mythology.
Research: What I'm doing, when I don't know what I'm doing.
Researching YOURNAME anytime, anywhere, any takers?
Researching [YOUR NAME] anytime, anywhere, any takers?
RULE #1: Everyone must buy the moderator Chocolate.
Save the trees... family trees, that is...
Scotty, beam me that lost ancestor.
Search out the past, know yourself, look toward the future.
Searching for a Needle in a Haystack
Searching for lost relatives? Win the Lottery!
Searching for roots beats chasing dust bunnies!
Searching Shipping records? Simply naval gazing
Seeking my ancestors is like Hide & Go Seek!
Seeking my ancestors is like Hide & Seek!
SEXIST GENEALOGIST: Person Who Looks for Missing and Kissing Cousins!
Shake your family tree and watch the nuts fall!
Shaking trees and kicking rocks, looking for ancestors.
Share your knowledge, it is a way to achieve immortality.
Sharing genealogy is a rewarding experience!
Shh! Be vewy, vewy quiet...I'm hunting forebears. Elmer Fudd
Snobs talk as if they had begotten their own ancestors.
Snoopers welcome! Feel free to provide comments & relatives!
So many relatives, so little time.
Someday YOU'LL be an ancestor too!
Sometimes you find an ancestor hanging from the family tree!
Spring showers bring May flowers...and May Flowers bring Pilgrims!
Still looking.....
Still searching, after all these years!
Still trying to decorate my family tree.
Synonym: a word you use when you can't spell the other.
Take nothing but ancestors, leave nothing but records.
That's strange; half my ancestors are WOMEN!
That's the problem with the gene pool: No lifeguard
The ancestors you can find aren't yours.
The best prophet of the future is the past.
The black sheep keeps the best info on the family.
The End of the Road points to a new opportunity...
The gene pool could use a little chlorine!
The one who dies with the most surnames, wins!
The other half of my ancestors were male
The researcher dug up my family tree & now wants more $ to cover it up
The sharing part of Genealogy is fun!
Theory of relativity: If you go back far enough, we're all related.
There are no answers, only cross-references.
There is History in our Roots!!!
There is my Dad & Adam but a big gap between them..
There is no such thing as a useless piece of information.
There is strength in our Roots.
They can hide, but they can't RUN anymore!
They're cousins, identical cousins...
They've said *you* are the fertilizer of your family tree!
This family tree is sapping all my strength.
This is your brain on genealogy? Any questions?
This person's Genealogical postulations not necessarily correct.
Thrift is a great virtue...in an ancestor.
Time and Genealogy waits for no man.
To a genealogist, EVERYTHING is relative!
To know the road ahead, ask those coming back.
To understand ourselves...we must study the past!
Tracing us back to the same brother and sister.
Treeclimbers 'R us.
Trees without roots fall over.
Try genealogy. You can't get fired and you can't quit!
Unable to locate Coffee -- Genealogy Research Halted!
Unlimited keyword search...the Genealogist's delight!
Vampires are blood relatives.
Warning!! There are no lifeguards in the gene pool!
We are all related...relatively speaking.
We in Maine are proud of our roots, we just can't find them.
We learn from history that we do not learn from history.
We shall find no ancestor before his time.
We shall gather at the river (or the genealogy library if it rains).
What did I do before I chased dead men?
What do you mean my Birth Certificate expired?
What do you mean my family tree has root rot!
What do you mean my grandparents didn't have any kids!?!
What have you done with my ancestors' papers??
What I'm looking for is a blessing NOT in disguise.
When I get old I'm going to trace my roots.
When I retire I'm going to trace my roots.
When I searched for ancestors I found friends.
When marriage is outlawed only outlaws will have in-laws.
When there's a will, I want to be in it.
When tracing ancestors, please stay within the lines.
When you marry, your family tree can become a forest.
When you search for ancestors, you find friends
Who's in charge of washing the Family Group Sheets?
Whoever said "seek and ye shall find" was NOT a genealogist
Why are there so many gnarled limbs on my family tree?
Why you look like your father, or should.
With MY luck, my Family Tree has Root Rot!
Wonder if a "Missing Persons Bulletin" would locate my g-g-g-grandpa?
Yea, once a hobby - now an expensive addiction!
Yikes! My genes are faded and full of holes!
You can tell you're a redneck if your family tree doesn't branch.
You can't turn back the clock, but you can wind it up again.
You're a Redneck if you pick up chicks at the Family Reunion...
You're only as strong as your roots.
You've got the name, how about the genes?
Your Ancestors are my Ancestors.
Your family is NEVER the first one listed in the Census!
Your Family Tree search ends with Adam and Eve.
Your Genealogy Buddy
Your genealogy is never done!!
_______/oo\________ Yoo Hoo Where are you, lil' ancestor?

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