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  Visitor: J.P. Caron
Reference: Another guestbook
   Origin: Montreal, QC, Canada
  WebSite: Second Floor - Deuxieme Etage
 URL Info: Personal homepage of J.P. Himself
Date: November 23, 1996

Comments: Well, it was either shoveling snow, washing the dishes, or Netsurfing.

So, here I am!!!

  Visitor: Janet
Reference: Guestbook reference
   Origin: Florida
  WebSite: Janet's Home Page
 URL Info: 
Date: November 22, 1996

Comments: Really enjoyed visiting your page. I especially liked your resume. (smile) Thanks for visiting my page.

  Visitor: Robert Bickham
Reference: sneaky listing
   Origin: Kissimmee FL
  WebSite: Robert Bickham Family Genealogy
 URL Info: Genealogy, Family, Java, good HTML
Date: November 19, 1996

Comments: Great job and a long list of links!
Please go visit
At this url:

Please also visit, Bickham Family Page:

  Visitor: Cla Nix
Reference: Pergatory
   Origin: McDonald's
  WebSite: I Hate School But I Have No Choice!
 URL Info: stuff for students
Date: November 17, 1996

Comments: Nice page! Pls. visit mine and sign the guestbook too. Thanx.

  Visitor: Sid McKeen
Reference: browsing agate
   Origin: Belfast, ME
  WebSite: Unhave one
 URL Info: 
Date: November 14, 1996

Comments: David: Good stuff. Best genealogical collection I've seen anywhere. Whimsical graphics too. See you at WCCUG.

  Visitor: Eric Randall
Reference: Agate's Listing
   Origin: Old Town
  WebSite: A  Computing
 URL Info: Home of A+ Computing & Internet Service
Date: October 25, 1996

Comments: Long time no hear from!!! How have you been? Please drop me a line so we can catch up!!!

  Visitor: nancy whiton
Reference: well, mom and dad..........
   Origin: nh
 URL Info: 
Date: October 20, 1996

Comments: Hi David!!!!!!

  Visitor: Peter M. Moore
Reference: via LSC network in Lyndon, VT
   Origin: Woodsville, New Hampshire
 URL Info: 
Date: October 17, 1996

Comments: Just thought that since I was sitting in front of a computer with access to the net.... Why not visit your homepage! :)

  Visitor: Marc T. Auger
Reference: Winzip Home Page
   Origin: Lyman, Maine
  WebSite: N/A
 URL Info: N/A
Date: October 15, 1996

Comments: No comment at this time..

  Visitor: Tom Bowerman, Esquire
Reference: By Invitation of the webmaster
   Origin: Anniston, Alabama
  WebSite: US Navy WWII Armed Guard Vets Associatio
 URL Info: Searching for WWII Naval Armed Guards
Date: October 13, 1996

Comments: Just surfing the net looking for a better choice for president than Dole, Clinton and Perot. I have found 127,345,876 matches on that search. Now to get them on the ballot. Tom Bowerman Deserving of better choices

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