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  Visitor: Lora Inglehart
Reference: Looking for info on Kokopelli
   Origin: CA
  WebSite: None
 URL Info: 
Date: November 06, 1996

Comments: I was in Kanab, Utah a couple of weeks ago, and really got into to legends and stories of Kokopelli. This is exactly what I was hunting for when I started serching for info in the Web. Thanks so much!!!!!!

  Visitor: Jim Mullin
Reference: looking for a Kokopelli necklace
   Origin: Geneseo, NY
  WebSite: none
 URL Info: 
  Contact: 74604.3366@compuserve.com
Date: October 24, 1996

Comments: No comment at this time..

  Visitor: Tom Bowerman
Reference: Invited by webmaster Dave
   Origin: Smackover, Arkansas
  WebSite: Genealogy of Bowerman Bales and Johnson
  Contact: bowerman@quicklink.net
Date: October 13, 1996

Comments: Neat page. I am not into the subject matter but for those who are - excellent!! Tom Really from Anniston, Alabama now.

  Visitor: David Sylvester
Reference: from davids Home page!
   Origin: Kokopelli Land
  WebSite: davids Genealogy page
 URL Info: Why, genealogy of course!  :)
  Contact: davids@agate.net
Date: October 13, 1996

Comments: How ya doin little guy? Good to see you have your own home page with such a nice guest book!

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