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  Visitor: David Sylvester
Reference: flew
   Origin: somewhere
  WebSite: Which one?
 URL Info: A little of everything
Date: November 18, 1996


  Visitor: Mike Levin
Reference: Found it through Pergatory Guestbook Server
   Origin: Herndon, VA (near Washington DC)
  WebSite: Mike Levin's Homepage
 URL Info: Ambigrams, Animations & Personal
Date: November 15, 1996

Comments: Hi there! Nice to cyber-meet you. Drop by my homepage to say hi or leave me some email (please include your homepage URL if you do). I have some fun links. --Mike Levin

  Visitor: Kokopelli
Reference: David sent me
   Origin: Out west
  WebSite: davids Kokopelli page
 URL Info: Links and pictures of Kokopelli
Date: November 09, 1996


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